Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tivo discount!

I just got an interesting email from Tivo..   It seems that until June 13, you can get a free Tivo Premiere with a 2 year service commitment.  I've already got a Series 2 Tivo on a month-to-month, now I need to figure out if it's worth an increased monthly fee for what (to me) amounts to an HD connection to my screen, and a way to watch on-demand stuff that I'm not going to watch..


  1. Is Tivo all that worth it with DVRs in most modern cable boxes?

  2. Are the menus quick to load with Tivo. The channel guide on my Time Warner Cable box can take more than 30 seconds to show me what's on the six channels around the channel I'm currently watching after I hit the Guide button.